Doing These 5 things will bring Happiness to Your Family


A family Photo:

The very easy way to make the relation strong among the family members is to keep a family photo with smiling face, in the south-west corner of the dining room. This solution is very useful for a family in which weak relations are their between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Doing this will definitely give good results in bringing back the happiness in the family.


 Having  LUNCH OR  DINNER together:


Ask The members of the family to take lunch, dinner or breakfast together at least once a day, by doing this the relation among the family members becomes strong. The wealth and happiness of the family increases day by day and this will also enhance the positive energy of the house and eliminate all the negative energy which in turn will escalate the progress of the family members.

 Keeping RED Colored object  IN SOUTH Direction

South direction of your house relates to  ‘name and fame’ and this direction also contains the fire element which is one of the five important elements of life. That is why it is very beneficial to keep or hang  a red color object or painting in the south corner of the room. The red color in south corner also brings name, fame and happiness in the family.



you can easily get it from market.
you can easily get it from market.

In the north corner keep a tortoise made of metal in the bowl filled with water and if your bedroom is in the north direction then put the tortoise in the empty bowl, do not fill the water in that bowl because according to vastu water should not be kept in the bedroom. By doing this you will see how the good luck will knock your door because tortoise increases the life of the family members and reduces all the obstacles in life, it also increases the wealth and happiness in the family


 Keeping the Child’s Photo in the WEST direction

ht1xkdhfnjaxxagofbxwWest direction indicates the child and development of the family so keeping the photo of the children in the west direction will give progress to the children in the family and make their life better.

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