Doing These 10 Things will Never let you fall Sick


Do you fall sick very often?? Or have frequent indigestion, constipation or acidity. Are you attacked easily by cough and cold.

Do ulcers in your mouth generate every now and then. Are you easily dehydrated and exhausted in your work. Are you over weighted.

If Yes…Then you need to know these 10 things, after following which you will make yourself free from all the diseases.

Rules Of Drinking Water:

person-775073_1920Do not drink water just after eating food (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

After one and half an hour (90 minutes) of eating food drink water.

It is because as we eat food an acid is produced in the stomach, which takes 90 minutes to digest the food and calm down. If we drink water just after eating food the acid will cool down and food will remain undigested and will cause constipation.

Question arises, what we can drink to calm down thirst after having a meal??

After breakfast you can drink fruit juices.

After Lunch you can drink butter milk(chaach), lassi.

After Dinner you can drink milk.

Water doesn’t have any property, if mixed with anything takes the property of that material. So if mixed with curd to make butter milk its not water any more.


 Way of drinking water:


 It might sound weird but yes there is a correct way of drinking water. The way we were drinking it all these years was totally wrong and nobody told us.

Always drink water in several sips. Do not drink water in one go. Drink one sip then stop, drink another and stop and so on…

Not only water any drink (like fruit juices, butter milk or milk etc.) you take, drink in several sips.


Reason – Saliva formed in mouth is of alkaline nature and acid formed in stomach for digestion is acidic. We need to neutralise this acid. So more and more saliva should go into the stomach and this can be done very effectively when we drink water in several sips.

Always sit while drinking anything, do not drink water while standing. This will keep you protected from knee pains at older ages. 


What Kind Of Water To Drink:


I want a chilled water !! This is what you say in restaurants or home. Stop it right away. Cold water makes the large intestine and small intestine shrink, it results in indigestion. Regular use of chilled water result in constipation, acidity etc.

Always drink normal water, use water stored in clay vessels (matka). If possible drink luke warm water, this is very effective in cleaning your intestines.

Luke Warm Water:


Make a habit of drinking 3 glasses of luke warm water just after you wake up in the morning. Drink water slowly in several sips. This will allow the intestine to function properly and you will never face trouble in pooping. Constipation will be gone forever.


Posture to eat food:


Never eat food in standing position. Always try to sit and eat food, weather you are in a party or at home. The best posture to eat food is Sukh Asana, ie. Sitting our legs crossed. Mostly sit on earth while eating food. If you are sitting on chair cross your legs just like Sukh Asana.

In this position the centre of gravity of earth is at our navel. This creates pressure in stomach and which is perfect for digestion.


Chewing Of Food:

32 teeth equals 32 times chewing

Do not be in hurry while eating the food. At least chew the food for thirty two times. You are doing all the hard work for your two times meal only. The best time in one’s life is when one eat food. Chew the food nicely, enjoy the taste and when you feel the taste is lessened swallow the food. It allows the saliva produced in your mouth to mix properly with your food.



Left Handed poster. Always turn left hand side while sleeping. Correct Posture.
Left Handed poster. Always turn left hand side while sleeping.

For a healthy life free from diseases rest is very essential. It relaxes your muscles, organs and mind.


In Afternoon:


After lunch take a rest of 20 minutes, if possible. You should lie down and your left hand side of the body should be below your right hand side. It means take a karvat with your left hand side of body below your right hand side.

Sleeping straight will increase your weight as well as stomach.


At Night:


Don’t sleep just after dinner, sleep after 2 hours after having your dinner. remember that your head should be in east or in south direction.

Never keep your head towards west or north direction.


Kitchen Remedy For Constipation and Acidity:


Have you ever thought that spices in your kitchen can be the best medicine for constipation and acidity. Let’s look at some of these spices.

  • Ajwain (ajowan, Trachyspermum ammi also known as Ajowan caraway)
  • Roast Ajwain in frying pan without oil and mix some amount of Kala Namak (Bire noon) or black salt, eat this mixture after having food (a tea spoon). It will clear your constipation in 3 days.
  • Eat a teaspoon of Ajwain with Jaggery (Gud) after having your food, it will clear your constipation in just one day.

Eat a teaspoon of Cumin (Jeera) after lunch it will relieve your acidity.


Kitchen Remedies for high blood pressure and cholesterol:


  • Replace your iodine salt with Black Salt (Kala namak) or Rock Salt (sendha namak).
  • Eat raw doodhi leaves or drink its juice every morning on empty stomach.
  • Drink Pudina juice every morning (Mentha arvensis).
  • Eat a good amount of Tulsi leaves or drink its juice.
  • You can also add all the above juices and drink them together.


Easy and Effective remedies for Cough and cold and headaches:


  • For headaches put one drop of luke warm cows ghee (clarified butter) in your nose at night just before sleeping. Use a dropper to put exactly one drop. This will treat your headache and is also very effective for a sound sleep.
  • For cough and cold eat Jaggery (Gud). Remember to buy a black chocolaty coloured Jaggery (Gud), it is the purest form of Jaggery. Never eat white coloured Jaggery as it gets its white colour from detergents.
  • You can also mix Jaggery with ginger paste and heat it for some time and eat it.

Eat well, Rest and Stay Healthy….