Can Diabetes result in Erectile Dysfunction ? Here’s the Answer !!!


Diabetes is a disease in which the blood glucose, or blood sugar levels are too high in the body. Glucose comes from the foods we eat. Insulin is a hormone which helps the glucose get into our cells to give us energy.This energy is what we utilize to perform our daily work.Diabetes is one of the most fastest growing disease in the world and it is really a serious thing we need to think about.The number of patients suffering from diabetes are growing  exponentially. The number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.Diabetes in men can result in various new diseases out of which erectile dysfunction is one of the thing we need to be concerned about.

About 30% to roughly 75% of a diabetic group can be effected from erectile dysfunction during some time in life. Men with diabetes tend to develop erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years earlier than men who is not diabetic. As men with diabetes age the chances of him getting erectile dysfunction becomes greater. 50 -60 % Men above age 50 are likely to suffer from this disease and as they grow older the chances becomes more stronger.


The main causes of erectile dysfunction in men suffering from diabetes are very complex and are cause due to impairment of nerves and blood vessels.To get an erection men need healthy nerves, blood vessels,male hormones, and a desire to be sexually stimulated.

Diabetes damages the blood vessels and nerves that control erection. So even if you have enough male hormones and a desire to have sex you may still not achieve a firm erection because the blood vessels and the nerves which carries the blood to cause erection is damaged and sufficient amount of blood does not pass in order to give a firm erection.


Men with erectile dysfunction due to diabetes should first consult a Doctor and can take oral medications like sildenafil, tadalafil , avanafil etc. but diabetic people are more likely to have heart related disease it would not be suitable to take such medicines because it can  cause interaction with the heart medicines which can trouble to the heart.

There are several other medications that men with diabetes can opt to get rid of erectile dysfunction like Intra-cavernous injection therapy, Vacuum construction device, Penile prostheses,Venous obstruction device,Sex therapy, Intra-urethral Therapy

To establish the best method to avoid erectile dysfunction you should first consult a doctor because there are several factors like your health and your ability to endure a sold diagnosis is assessed.  Ask your doctor if you should see a specialist (a urologist) to know the best treatment for your situation.

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