How To Decode Luck With The Help Of Mother Nature


In this whole universe everyone is bonded with their Karma, it means everyone gets the results according to the action performed by them. Nature has its own patterns or characteristics in which things are going to be happen, and to understand these patterns before its happening known as future prediction and it can be good (शकुन) or bad (अपशकुन).  

Our nature tries to tell us about our good or bad luck with the help of its fauna (पशु एवं पक्षी) but we are unable to understand it, so in this article we are going to focus on some important creatures through which we often connected with and try to understand that how they revealed the message of nature for us about our good or bad luck.

about our good or bad luck.



If the sparrow drop its feces (विष्ठा) on the person while going on the journey or on the way then it is sign of good luck which indicate happiness and prosperity for him in near future but if someone sat on a particular place and then sparrow drop its feces on his body, is the sign of poverty for him in near future.



According to the Hindu methodology it is believed that 33 crore God and goddess have been living in the body of cow that is why lord Krishna himself became a cowherd (चरवाहा) in his life. It has been believed that the one who keeps cow in his home, always get happiness and prestige in his life.

It has been said that if the group of the cows has started sitting in front of someone’s house then it indicates that the land lord of that house soon become a rich.

But it is also believed that the cow’s sneeze (छींक) is very unlucky (अशुभ). If you are going to start some new work or go for your work and cow sneeze in front of you then it is good to postpone that work for a time because it is very bad indication for you.



If the pigeon is see by the person on his left side while going on a way then it is the indication of misfortune but if the pigeon is on the right side then it is the indication of happiness.

If the pigeon drop its feces (विष्ठा) on somebody then it is the sign of his death in the near future.



It is the creature that always flies in the night. If the bat starts living in someone’s house then it brings the misfortune for that house which results in annihilation (सत्यानाश) for that house.



It is very lovable animal and if you see a goat while going for a work then it brings you good luck and it is also believe that if you see this animal in your dream then it is the indication of plenty deep pocket (धनवान होना) for you in near future.

As in this article you read about that how nature give the message to human through its fauna (पशु एवं पक्षी) but if you want more information that how its reveals the message through its flora (पेड़ एवं पौधे) then you can go through this link-


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