Cow Urine can do Miracle for Curing Diabetes


Diabetes is a condition that is characterized by participation of extreme sugar levels in the  blood. Diabetes is a disease in which the blood glucose, or blood sugar levels are too high in the body. Glucose comes from the food we eat. Insulin is a hormone which helps the glucose get into our cells to give us energy. Diabetes is a lifestyle commotion and can final an whole lifetime. Hence, it is critical to make changes your lifestyle to keep diabetes underneath control. Cow urine can do wonders to cure Diabetes that too without much efforts.

The symptoms of diabetes are:

1. Fatigue:winks-2383407_1280

You might feel tired as the sugaring does not get scrupulously metabolized in the body easily and thus, is not accessible for your body’s appetite needs.

2. Weight Fluctuations:weight-fluctuation

You may even notice weight fluctuations and frequent urination might lead to detriment of glucose from a body. This might lead to cravings for food, resulting in rapid weight  fluctuations of the body.

3. Blurred vision:

Presence of extreme sugarine in the body might lead to detriment of liquid from the tissues in the body. This might result inability of your eye to concentrate on the targeted object and thus results in confused vision.

4. Feeling thirsty:reachingforwater

The most common symptoms of diabetes is that you will start feeling thirsty eventually.You might constantly feel dried out with heat and you will drink water again and again to get rid of this heat which will result in frequent urination.

How does cow urine therapy work?

Cow urine therapy involves regulating cow urine to provide several disorders. Cow urine contains elements like carbolic poison and nitrogen that are good for a body. Nitrogen is a diuretic that helps in boosting kidney functions. Cow urine also contains several minerals that are good for a physique in box we have diabetes. It helps in replenishing minerals in a physique that is mislaid due to visit urination.

Choosing right cow for urine:

Vagbhata explains that the cow which is active and walks freely is the best cow and we should drink urine of that cow. Cow like Jersey, Holstein are lazy cows and they sit at one place only and don’t walk, cow urine of this type of cows is not useful.

Pure Indian breed cows are the best cows for milk and also for cow urine. If you find difficulty in judging pure Indian breed cows click here.

Urine of Indian breed cow is pure and safe to drink even if the cow is roaming here and there and eats garbage also, the main phenomena while choosing correct cow is that it should be pure Indian breed and that’s all.

How and when to drink cow’s urine:

1.     Quantity

For people suffering from any diseases – 100 ml (in one go or half in two times)

For people who are healthy and want to take cow urine – 50 ml (in one shot)

2.     Time – On an empty stomach (morning or evening)

Drinking fresh cow urine is considered very beneficial. Cow urine can be stored in glass bottles for a long time, but store in glass bottles for about 15 days then bring fresh urine.