Constipation Cure Tip: For Those Who Smoke and Drink


Does Poop Depends Upon Cigarette, For Smokers??  pexels-photo-26974

Heavy smokers, alcoholic or coffee addictive people also face constipation problems. It is normally seen that smokers feel pressure to poop when they smoke or other way round they need a cigarette to poop every morning and every time they feel like.

Cigarette relieves the constipation for that moment and you are able to poop easily, but condition becomes worst when there is no cigarette. This is like becoming dependent on something. It is a very serious situation.

People, who think to quit smoking, face a hard time in toilets and return to smoking soon. As they are not able to get good motion without cigarette. This also makes difficult for smokers to quit smoking.

Today we brought to you a remedy which will remove constipation in those men or women who is addicted to smoking, alcohol or coffee.


Coriander Seeds Drink:


Take 1 table spoon Coriander seeds (Dhaniya Dana) and mix it in water (200 ml.) Boil this water till 100 ml. of water is left. Now drink this juice after make it to the normal temperature. Repeat two times daily. This is the only thing that will remove constipation problems for smokers and alcoholic person and smokers will also be able to quit smoking easily.