How Do Colors Help In Treating Diseases ?


The universe in which we live is full of colors and these colors have their significance impacts in everyone’s life. It is difficult to imagine the life without colors. The power of its effects in human life can be easily understand by the fact that many diseases are also cure with the help of different colors. As we know that the color of the face is also changed according to the thoughts in the mind like if someone is angry the color of his face become red (गुस्से में लाल होना), at the time of fear the color of face become yellow (डर से पीला होना), when someone show shyness then the color of the face change into pink (शर्म से गुलाबी होना) and we hear many proverb like these.

We realize colors with the help our brain and eyes, as different colors have different wavelengths that effects our brain in different ways and this is the reason that the person who is suffering from color blindness can see only one color because the color differentiate ability of his brain has already wrecked.

Red Color

As red color is one of the prominent colors and its wavelength is large as compared to other colors, it is also considered as a sacred color. The cloths of red color can be used at the time of sacred occasions. This color symbolizes the happiness, love and wealth.

Uses of Red Color:- The use of red color is very beneficial for the person who feels laziness or suffer from lack of energy. An attribute of this color is hot so it can also useful in winter season as it make balance between the climate and body temperature.

Precaution:- Do not use this color in dining room, children room, bedroom, kitchen and offices because it increases the anxiety and depression. The red color curtains in bedroom give the problem of insomnia.

Yellow Color

Yellow color is considered as holy (पवित्र) color and it enhance the energy level of the person which results in eagerness. This color symbolizes the friendship.

Use of this color:- The person who are always suffering from the cold cough should wear yellow color cloths as much as possible and can also keeps yellow things near to them. It is also better to use this color in kitchen.

Precaution:- Do not use this color in your meditation room and bathroom in a house.

Green Color

Green color is the basic color of vegetables which represent the freshness and lighten that is why it is mostly uses in the room of hospitals.

Uses of this color:- The person who is suffering from Arthritis should use green color things as much as possible. This color can also be suitable for bathroom in the house.

Precaution:- Do not use this color in living and study room.

Blue Color

Blue color is the color of water and sky. It creates illusion of its presence in many place that is why it is better to use for small area. This color gives peace in a mind.

Uses of this color:- If the person is suffering from hyper tension then this color is very beneficial for him. It is better to use this color in the bedroom and meditation room.

Precaution:- Do not use this color in dining room and also avoid the use of this color in excess.

Black Color

It is the color which has the ability to absorb other colors. This represents the “change” and therefore it is highly favorable to youngster.

Precaution:- Excess use of this color can decrease your motivation level and increases the negative thoughts in your mind.

White Color

This is the color which symbolizes the peace and prosperity. It can be use in any of the room of the house. It increases the motivation level which results positive thoughts in the mind.

Uses of this color:- The one who always feel weakness or lack of energy can use white color in one’s bedroom.

Precaution:- Do not use this color in excess because it represents the aimless characteristic.


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