Chanakya Niti : Never help or do Good to these people in Life !!!



Chanakya was a great Indian teacher, philosopher, economist and royal advisor. He is traditionally identified as Kauṭilya or Vishnugupta. The mantras he gave for life are still followed by millions of people and those mantras are still very effective in this modern Era. His insight on people and how they project themselves to the society has been well-acclaimed over the years.His Chanakya Neeti as we know offers a sea of wisdom on everything that is relevant in today’s world.

Here we bring you the details about the kind of people we should never try to help because they can put us in trouble.

Characterless Women:

People are often emotionally touched when they see a young woman in worry.However, one should be wise enough to check whether the lady one should stop to check to know whether such a woman is really in trouble due to no fault of hers.This is because  there are many women out in the world who are constantly in trouble and it is only because of their behavior and actions that cause them to be in that pit hole.Such a woman can be characterless,(Characterless here mean) i.e. the lady is never true or loyal to any one person, she could also be a bad-nature woman. Helping or looking after such a woman will only cause trouble and worries for the man who wants to look after her. Such women are interested in men only for their selfish reasons, i.e. to be taken care of. If one is trapped by such a woman, it can lead to the collapse of their social standing and personal life.

Keep away from sad people:

One should always try to stay away from people who tend or pretend to be sad and are lonely for no reason.They are never happy with what they have and are constantly regret on everything they don’t have.Staying with such kind of people will cause one to be sad just like them . People who sad or upset for no reason are in that condition because they are not satisfied with what they have and are always in greed and need of what other person has.They keep cursing other people and feel cheated when they have no reason to do so. It is best to keep far away from such people as it can effect our mental peace and we can also inherit the characteristics of sad person.


Stupid People:

stupid man

We should always stay away from stupid people because they don’t have any sense regarding anything that is happening around in the globe they are always busy in finding other person’s fault and are never happy with other people’s happiness.One must never advise stupid people. If you think you will help them by sharing knowledgeable stuff and help them gain something, you are absolutely wrong. There is no point in advising or helping stupid people as they are not capable of understanding the right things in life. They may start arguing on little things and waste your time and effort. If this is not enough they will try to prove themselves right and try to show you down. In the end, you will be the one with stress.So it is advisable to stay away from stupid people and avoid advising them which will save your effort and valuable time.


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