Numerology: Discover your Sun number and find out what it has to say about...

What is Sun Number In Numerology:   We all have heard about zodiac signs and the Average Joe in the world could most likely tell you...

Dreams That Indicate The Sign of Prosperity

Dream is the state (स्थिति) that lies between the wakeful (जागना) and sleep (सोना), it means the body is stable while sleeping but mind...

Twelve Name of God Hanuman And It’s Significance

There are twelve name of lord Hanuman. These twelve name of god Hanuman remove all the obstacles from life.These names indicate the virtue of...

Nine Divine form of Maa Durga

According to Hindu methodology there is nine divine form of Maa Adishakti and all of these forms have their significance. Navratri is one of...

How To Prevent Hair Loss With The Help Of Our Horoscope.

Hair is one of the important parts of our body and everyone want long and silky hair so that they are looking good and...

Avoid Growing these plants that bring bad luck to your home

Role of plants in your house We always try to keep in mind the things according to Vastu Shastra is good for our house. Most...

Avoid doing these things with the Tulsi plant or it’s leaves !!!

As we all know that Tulsi is considered the most holy plant in the Hindu mythology. Tulsi plant is an earthly manifestation of Goddess...

Always keep these things in mind while growing a Money Plant else it will...

Vastu shastra  is a traditional  system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture."It basically describes the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space...

Amazing health Benefits of Tulsi !!!

Tulsi - The Sacred Plant  Tulsi has various names but most us basically know it as the Holy Basil.It is also known as  the “queen of...

7 Interesting psychological facts !!!

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