Why Tulsi is not used in Ganesh Pujan: A One sided Love Story

Once Upon A Time: Do you use Tulsi leaves in Ganesh Pujan ?? .. If so stop doing this because this is prohibited and can...

Arsenic Poison was given to an Indian cow for 6 years and What Happened...

Cow is a Mother Goddess: Cow in India is a very important animal. Cow is worshiped like mother Goddess in India. Some Hinduism ancient texts...

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlingam: Lord Of Time And Death

Meaning of Jyotirlingam: Jyotirlingam means “light or fiery form of lord shiva”, which was developed on its own and has powers of both shiva and...

How to inspire manners in your children !!! Part 1

How to inspire manners in your children - Everyone in this world is judged by the behavior or the way they treat others. A...

Ajmer Sharif Dargah – Ajmer – Rajasthan

The Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Dargah of  Sufi saint is located at Ajmer, Rajasthan (India). The Lake city of Ajmer is well known for the...

These 3 Miraculous Daily Practices: Can Make Anyone Successful and Rich

What It Needs To Be Rich And Successful: According to shastras to be rich means to be full of positive energy. When your soul will...

The Power Of Ritual Bathing: Ganga Snaan

What to do When Stressed and Fed Up With Life: This morning I woke up with some sort of little nagging negative buzz attached to...

Nine Divine form of Maa Durga

According to Hindu methodology there is nine divine form of Maa Adishakti and all of these forms have their significance. Navratri is one of...

The Mysterious Facts of Mount Kailash, An Abode Of Lord Shiva

What Is Special About Mount Kailash Mt. Kailash is the mountain which is considered as one of the most beautiful and divine mountains by billions...

Why Lord Shiva Is Know As Kalantak: One Who Ends Time

Kalantak Shiva: As we all know that Lord Shiva has many names and there is a story behind every name. He is also known as...



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