10 Fun Facts about Thailand – Crazy Facts

Traveling is a fun and pleasure giving activity for most of the people. But the entire pleasure of the trip is based upon the place...

10 Unknown Facts about Adolf Hitler That You Don’t Know

Hitler, the infamous orchestra-tor of the Holocaust and WWII, was, in fact, much stranger than we already know. As the reader might be aware,...
interesting facts

Interesting Facts: Top 10 Weird Facts about Dubai That You Don’t Know

In many different ways, the city of Dubai is like an oasis in the great Middle Eastern desert. It is an ultra-modern, fully air-conditioned...
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Facts About Human Body: 15 Most Weird Facts of Our Human Body

A human body is a complex structure made up of different organs, bones, muscles, etc. for proper functioning. If you think you know your...
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Ghost Stories : 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

Real Ghost Stories In ghost stories, ghost houses or haunted houses are houses or other buildings that are perceived as home to disembodied spirits of...

10 Signs To Know If a Person Truly Loves You

What is True Love   It’s difficult to define true love in the form of phrase. True love is not build up in a day but...

This Is Why Indians Are So Defensive For Their Cows

You might have seen in the news several times that some groups of people are fighting against cow slaughter in India. Let’s go ahead...

Five Big Mysterious Treasures Of India

Treasure of Krishna river, Golconda Golconda is the castle in southern India in Krishna district near the Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It was the capital of...

The Mysterious Facts of Mount Kailash, An Abode Of Lord Shiva

What Is Special About Mount Kailash Mt. Kailash is the mountain which is considered as one of the most beautiful and divine mountains by billions...

Vithal Temple, Hampi And Its 56 Musical Pillars – An Architectural Fascination.

Hampi is a village which is located in the northern part of Karnataka. This place is seen as one of the famous religious centers...



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