VASTU FOR MONEY: 13 BEST Vastu Tips For Prosperity To Become Rich

vastu for money

When it comes to home decoration, we think of Vastu. “Vastu Shastra” is a traditional Hindu system which coordinates with the science of architecture. The Vastu is basically followed to bring positive energy, wealth and prosperity in our lives.

Vastu is mainly followed for wealth and prosperity to keep Lord Kuber pleased. In Hindu mythology, Lord Kuber is regarded as God of wealth. It is believed that he showers money if he is happy.

According to Vastu (the study of architecture), the five elements- fire, earth, water, air and space form a combination of the cosmic energies. All these elements should be balanced to repel negativity away from your home. There are few home décor items that may shower wealth and bring prosperity.

Here are some Vastu guidelines which will facilitate the flow of your well-deserved riches-


Vastu For Money Tip 1

As North is considered as the direction of Lord Kuber, so the opening of cash locker in the direction of North allows lord to reside there. So, the cash locker should be kept close to South or South-west wall so that it opens in the direction of North.

vastu for money

However, under any circumstances, never place cash locker under any focus light. This creates a lot of financial stress. To attract more wealth, you can place a mirror in front of your locker. This symbolizes that your wealth is doubled.

Vastu For Money Tip 2

vastu for money

To welcome wealth, you should hang wind chimes in your home. Its auspicious sound will act as a magnet for money. Hanging them at the entrance of your house invites wealth and hanging them at the entrance of the bathroom prevents richness from draining out.

Vastu For Money Tip 3

It is believed that purple color represents wealth and happiness. Hence, keeping a purple colored plant in your house is advised. If it is difficult to find a purple colored plant then keep a money plant in a purple colored pot. Money plant can also be placed indoors. Also, this brings abundance, better career opportunities, and positivity.

But, avoid keeping plants in the northeast direction. Also, do not keep thorny plants like cactus inside the house or plastic flowers. Moreover, this will have exactly opposite effects. Instead, decorate your house with real flowers to allow the flow of positive energy.

Vastu For Money Tip 4

Clocks are suggested to be placed in the north or northeast direction in a working condition. It is believed that broken or non-working clocks delay and hinders the way of wealth.


Vastu For Money Tip 5

vastu for money

To attract positive energy and wealth, make sure you feed water and grains to birds. Also, birds symbolize harmony, wealth and joy. So, keep a bird feeder in your balcony or yard to invite birds, welcome riches.

Vastu For Money Tip 6

It is suggested to keep the door and windows of the house always clean and free of dirt. Thus, cleanliness welcomes Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. Along with cleaning doors and windows, kitchen too should be kept clean and well-organized.

As the kitchen is the main source of energy, this clears the way for the entrance of wealth and prevents obstruction in its path.

Vastu For Money Tip 7

Water, one of the basic five elements of the existence of life is considered equivalent to money. It is said, “Save water, save money.” Hence, wasting even a drop of it brings your finances to stand still. So make sure there are no leaking taps in your home.

Also, there should be no stagnant or dirty in your home, as stagnant water can bring obstacles in the monetary growth.

Vastu For Money Tip 8

vastu for money

Place small water objects in the north-east direction of your houses such as an aquarium or small water fountain. This is considered to be very auspicious and brings positivity through money. Aquariums or fountains should be kept clean and remember no stagnant water as it can bring great monetary losses.

Vastu For Money Tip 9

Make sure your bed is always one foot above the ground to allow free flow of energy on the bedroom floor. Also, always open the windows of your room for at least 15-20 minutes in a day. Also, this allows the circulation of free energy in the room and entrance of nature lighting brings positive energy with the flow of energy.

vastu for money

Else, you will be sleeping with stale energy. The direction of sleeping should also be kept in mind. As per Vastu, your head should be placed in the south to bring wealth.


Vastu For Money Tip 10

vastu for money

Avoid keeping brooms, mops, and shoes under the staircase. Do not keep any dirty thing as this may create Vastu defects. Also, do not keep the brooms, mops, and shoes in the north, northeast and east directions. All these directions are very pious and should be kept pure. You should avoid making the staircase in the northeast direction. No machines should be kept in this direction as well.

Vastu For Money Tip 11

Paintings, showpieces or statues, influence finances, relationships, and health. Apart from augmenting the beauty of your house, they enhance harmony, good luck, and peace. Paintings of a waterfall, a flowing river, a rising sun or a goldfish welcome wealth. The statues of Laughing Buddha, Ganesha idols or tortoise figurines are sources of enhancing financial conditions.

Avoid posters of a crying woman, war scene, owl, eagle or angry person to get rid of negative energy.

Vastu For Money Tip 12

vastu for money

To stabilize the wealth graph of your house, curved walls should be avoided in the northeast corner. Also, they always should be in right angles to bring positivity and strengthen you financially.

Vastu For Money Tip 13

The central portion of the house should be kept clutter-free as this is known as brahmasthan– the place of Brahma, the Almighty. The place should be kept free of dust or dirty things. If possible you should build a temple there. This gives the power to attract all the riches of the universe and bring fortune in family and family business.

There are many tips available; out of these above few tips of Vastu may double the chances of wealth and prosperity in your house. You should follow these simple tips and you will see wealth and prosperity showering into your home and life.


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