Lose Belly Fat

Is there any Ayurveda remedies to lose belly fat ? As today’s world is completely driven by the internet and technology, there are vast factors like replacement of machines to reduce regular works, lack of exercise from people,  stress, pressure, fast food habits etc. these become some reason to gain weight and belly fat.

When a person gains more weight, as a consequence he will have to face lots of health issues. There are lots of remedies to overcome high weight gain and belly fat, but the thing is what to choose among them to have the best results without side effects.

Here are some remedies that Ayurveda answers your question about how to lose belly fat.

Drink More Water To Lose Belly Fat

Water is one of the significant aspects in Ayurveda that helps in your metabolism and reduces excess weight in your body. Water helps to flush out excess water and also it starts your metabolism. Drink a glass of warm water every morning in empty stomach and it is also better if you add a spoon of Triphala to it.

Also, drink at least a glass of water for every hour since it helps to burn fat that is present around your body and thus it helps to reduce belly fat. 

Have fruits and reduce the white rice content in your diet

How to lose belly fat? One important and easy way is to have more organic fruits. It is better if you have two fruits in the morning and one in the evening. It is good to have wheat based products to eat instead of the products that are made of white rice.

Consuming an adequate amount of green grams and horse grams reduces the Kapha and Medha and so it is advised by the Ayurveda professionals to have them.

Avoid sugar and reduce the quantity of salt in your food

Sugar is responsible to increase Kapha, so some products made of sugar like sweets, carbohydrate-foods, sweetened drinks and foods rich in oil have to be avoided. When you consume more carbohydrate content food it will be changed to sugar and settle down in some areas that are fat friendly.

On the other hand, salt also plays a roll in the belly fat reduce the intake of salt and some milk-based products like ice-creams, cheese, butter that have a high content of sugar.

Avoid sleeping after lunch and have regular exercise

When you take rest or sleep after lunch that will slow the metabolic activities of your body and as a result, you may have belly fat.

Generally, ask yourself or to others how to lose belly fat? In most of the cases, the answer will be exercised. In addition to any change in diet, consuming food to maintain body weight etc, only when there is a proper exercise will make the right blood flow and regulate the activities of your body and you will be successful in your effort.

Do some exercises like swimming, walking, jogging or cycling every morning, it will be the best remedy to reduce belly fat.

Include some ground spices in your diet while cooking

When you have to be physically fit, your diet should have some foods that increase insulin resistance and decreases the sporting level of sugar in your blood. Some foods like cinnamon ginger and pepper will help you in such activities. Add them to our food when cooking to reduce belly fat. 

Ayurveda also provides some remedies to reduce belly fat that has to be added in the regular diet. Some of those ingredients are:

Fenugreek (methi seeds)

Fenugreek seeds are naturally occupied by rich nutrients. It has a water component named galactomannan. This component helps to crab carving and improves the metabolism in the body. the best way to intake them is to make them powered and add a spoon in water and drink it every morning in the empty stomach or you can also soak in water for a night and just chew them in the next morning.


This is a herb that takes an important place in Ayurveda for long years. The plant sterol present I guggul called as guggulsterone and it helps in the promotion of weight loss and reduces in belly fat.


The ark of the tree is used to reduce weight and obesity; it also motives the process of digestion in your body. The best way to add them is adding them to the herbal tea that you consume.


It is the powder made by dried amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki that helps in the elimination of toxins. It also increases the digestion process. So, you can have them mixed with hot water 2 hours after your dinner. You can also have them half an hour before your breakfast to reduce belly fat. 


It is the herb that has diuretic properties and serves as the best and effective to lose weight. This helps in the proper functioning of urinary bladder and kidney. It decreases the water retention that gains weight.


It is meant to improve the body metabolism and helps in reducing the belly fat. Best way to consume it as a tea; drink a cup of tea containing cinnamon every morning and you can find the result in few days.

These are some of the remedies that Ayurveda have suggested for centuries. For every person, health is the most valuable and precious one. Unless you are healthy both physically and mentally you cannot be concentrated. Hence, you can’t be successful in any of the work that you do. There are lots of works and of course, it is hard to spend time officially and with family. Also, you cannot avoid concentrating on our health.

It is always necessary to care on your health. Moreover, it crucial to spend some time to maintain things properly to be healthy and happy with your family.