Avoid these 7 Paintings that can bring bad luck & negativity to your home


Flowing water:


Water Landscape Bach Painting Forest

The way you decorate your house tells a lot about your personality.Like wise the object you use for decoration have their own personality which directly can affect the vibes coming to your house.Flowing water symbolizes instability; keeping a painting or a photo of flowing water, river, waterfall, etc., According to vastu, no such thing should be there in your home as it signifies the flowing nature of an object and it impacts the wealth and prosperity in your home.  It means that the money and prosperity that comes in your life will not stay for long and will rather disappear with the flow of time.So it is advised to not keep such kind of painting at home.


Painting of a Sinking Ship:

This particular painting should be avoided at any cost because it symbolizes sorrow and is believed to hinder the centre of positive energy at your home and can bring negative energy inside.These type of paintings bring differences in between the family members and can worsen their relationship.


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