Avoid these 7 Paintings that can bring bad luck & negativity to your home


According to Vastu Shastra paintings contribute equally in spreading the vibes around as in the case of pictures and objects that can bring happiness or can be a cause of your worries if you bring them and keep them in your house. Here we have for you some of the paintings that you should never bring in to your house in order to keep negativity and bad luck away from your home.

Taj Mahal:


Though people recognize Taj mahal as a symbol of love but the fact cannot be ignored that it is actually the burial place of Mumtaz, (Shahjahan’s wife). A grave symbolizes death and passivity. And it is so believed that such things at home affect our lives gravely. No matter how beautiful it appears, but one should never hang a picture of a burial at home. It invites death and destruction.So it is advised not to keep a showpiece or a painting of Taj Mahal in our home.


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