Arsenic Poison was given to an Indian cow for 6 years and What Happened Next Is Incredible


Cow is a Mother Goddess:

Cow in India is a very important animal. Cow is worshiped like mother Goddess in India. Some Hinduism ancient texts explain that a cow which is active and walks for some time in a day, is one of the important things given to mankind by God. Now let me tell you European cross breed cows don’t walk regularly and are very lazy. It is believed that there are 33 crore (330 million) Gods in Hinduism and all these Gods reside on the different parts of the body of an Indian breed cow. Cow Urine has medicinal properties which treats many diseases from roots.


A Deadly Experiment:

In India because of poor financial status of dairy farmers don’t take care of their cattle and most of the cattle roam here and there for food, these cows also eat wastage like polyethene and paper etc. So some Ayurveda doctors wanted to test whether the milk and urine of wastage eating cow is good o not.

So they performed an experiment in which a Cow was given small quantities of arsenic poison daily for 6 continuous years. The Urine and Milk of that cow was tested daily for checking presence of arsenic poison. You will be shocked to know that there were no traces of arsenic poison in the milk or urine of cow. Moreover a blue color ring was formed in her neck, when the blood from that part was tested it had all the arsenic.


It means that cow’s body structure is so fruitful that it didn’t allow the poison to reach the stomach or products like milk and urine.

What lesson can we take 

We should always look for an Indian breed cow for milk and urine. We should always look for a cow that walks daily and eats grass and hygienic food, cow urine and milk of that cow is the best.


But from the above experiment it is clear that products of the cow (urine and milk) are not affected by what she eats. So if an Indian breed cow eats garbage, its urine and milk will not be affected and they will be pure. So if you are suffering from disease and not able to find a cow that eats hygienic food but you come across a cow that is eating garbage, you can take her urine without any hesitation.

Scientists have also found that A2 milk and urine of Indian breed cows (cows that walk and active) is very good for health. Whereas the A1 milk of European cross breed cows (that don’t walk and lazy) is dangerous for health.


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