Amazing Health Benefits Of These Hasta Mudras.


Hasta Mudras are the very important part of Yoga. Even it has been said that the hasta mudras are the developed form of asana. It has been said by the Shastras “नास्ति मुद्रासमं किंचित् सिद्धिदं क्षितिमंडले” it means that there is no asana in this earth which give as much benefits as given by the hasta mudras.


Like our body hasta mudras are also made up of five elements and the five fingers of our hands symbolizes each of these elements. Our thumb represents the fire element, first finger to the Air, middle finger represents space, ring finger signifies the earth and little finger to the water element. The imbalances of these five elements in the body are responsible for various diseases. According to the science of Hasta mudras it is easily possible to cure any diseases by making the internal part of body strong. There are various hasta mudras if practice regularly can give you a healthy life. As we know that our health is quite literally in our hand.

Gyan Mudra


As we understand by its name that it is the mudra of knowledge so it gives knowledge to the person who doing it. Tip of the thumb is the base of the nerves of pituitary gland and the endocrine gland. When we pressed the tip of the thumb by index finger then these two glands work actively and effectively.

How to do it?

Press the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger while keeping other three fingers stretched out. There is no bound of the time, place and position. You can practice it whenever and wherever you want by sitting, standing or lying.


It increases the concentration power.

It enhances the memory power and sharpen the brain, so the student who practice it regularly can easily achieve the goal in his life.

If practice it regularly can cure the psychological disorder like mental, hysteria, anger and depression.

Vayu Mudra


Vayu mudra can prevent all the diseases occur due to the imbalance of the air. The practice of this mudra for 45 minutes can reduce the severity of the disease. Practice of this mudra for 2 months regularly can give the better results.

How to do it?

Keep the index finger on the base of the thumb and slowly press it by the thumb while keeping other three fingers stretched out.


It cures the knee pain and gastric problem.

It cures arthritis, rheumatism, gout and paralysis without any medicine.

It is helpful in Cervical, Spondilytis, paralysis to face and catching of nerve in the neck.

Shunya Mudra


It is the mudra which is very helpful in reducing the dullness of the body. It has been suggested that one must practice it for 40 to 60 minutes daily until the disease should be cured.

How to do it?

Keep the middle finger on the mount of the Venus and slowly press it with thumb while keeping other fingers stretched out.


It is very use full for deaf and mentally challenged but not for inborn ones. One can be practice for 40 to 60 minutes until to be cured from disease.

It cures the problem related to neck and thyroid.

It prevents the heart diseases.


Don’t do this mudra just after the lunch. Do it by sitting properly as a meditation pose.

Prathvi Mudra


As it signifies the earth element so it is very helpful in reducing physical weakness. There is no time bound for this mudra you can practice it any time you want.

How to do it?                     

Join the top front of both the thumb and the ring finger while keeping other fingers stretched out.


It helps in increases the weight of weak people and also reduces the weakness.

Make the body active by keeping it healthy.

It improves the digestive system of the body and also prevents the sufficiency of vitamins.

It brings glow in the skin.

Prana Mudra


As it is the mudra of life so it increases the life of the person. Weak people become strong by doing it regularly. It eliminates the clamp in blood vessels.

How to do it?

Join and bend the ring finger and little finger together and touch the tip of the thumb with their tip while keeping other two fingers stretched out.


It reduces the eye related diseases by improving the power of eyes.

It makes the immune system of the body strong.

It eliminates the sufficiency of vitamins in the body.

It is very helpful for the person suffering from insomnia.

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