These 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Eyesight Naturally.


Eyes are one of the important parts of our body and it’s very difficult to imagine life without it. The people with weak eyesight have to face many troubles in their life. Weak eyesight even become a great obstacle for the career path of the students those who want to make his/her career in NDA, Railway and many more where the strong vision of eyesight 6/6 is needed. There are many reason of weak eyesight like deficiency of nutrition’s, genetic factor, age and pressure on eye due to lots of eye work.


Symptoms of weak eyesight.

1, Blurry eyesight,

2, Headache.

3, Comings of tears in eyes.

First of all to find the root cause of the problem by consulting your doctor because sometime there should be serious issues like cataract, weakness vanes of eyes etc.

But there are also some home remedies through which you can easily increase your eyesight naturally. So here are some very effective home remedies which not only increase your eyesight to vision of 6/6 but also save you from other eye disorders.

1, Eyes Exercises.


Regular practices of eye exercises make the muscles of eyes strong by proper circulation of the blood in the vanes which results a better vision. Here are some of the best exercises for the eyes if doing regularly it increases the concentration and reduce the pressure on eyes.

Exercise: 1


Take a pencil in your hand and put it vertically straight in front of your nose between the eyes. Now see only to the apex of the pencil and bring it slowly near to your eyes then take back to its initial position and repeat this process 10 times. Do it daily and see its miraculous results.

Exercise: 2


Sit in a meditation pose and make your backbone straight. Now slowly move your eyes in clockwise direction for 5 times and then take a rest of 10 seconds by closing your eyes. Now again move it slowly in anticlockwise direction for 5 times. It’s a very effectual exercise that surely gives you fruitful results.

Exercise: 3    

Blink your eyes quickly without taking any rest for 25 to 30 times and after that give close your eyes and take a rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Do this exercise twice a day.

Exercise: 4


Sit straightly and continuously concentrate on some point or on the flame of candle without flicking your eyes. Remember the point or flame should not be more then 2 to 3 feet far from you. If the tears come out of eyes then you can blink your eyes otherwise not. Start this exercise from 2 minutes and take it to 15 minutes if practice regularly. This technique is known as Tratak. Do it regularly for a month and you were shocked after seeing the results.

2, Acupressure Therapy.


Our eyes are surrounded by the combination of bones and these points are also known as acupressure points. Press the acupressure points as shown above for 2 to 3 minutes daily and it helps in increasing your eyesight. Remember don’t press the points hardly just press it gently.

You can also walk on a grass in early morning without wearing any shoes or sleepers; it activates the fiber nerves of your foot that helps you in increasing your eyesight. it is also one of the important parts of the acupressure therapy. There is a reflexology pressure point between the second and third finger of the foot which is very beneficial for eyesight. One more interesting thing is that the green color of the grass gives relaxes to the eyes.

3, Bilberry Herb


It is the herb which is very beneficial for the good eyesight. It is also very functional in the treatment of night blindness because it stimulates the regeneration of the visual purple component of retina. It also saves the eyes from the dangerous diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract. This herbs is also loaded with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and anthocyanin that also prevents the problem of diabetes and high blood pressure. You can take the herb of bilberry supplement by consulting your doctor.

Precaution: This herb can interact with other medicine also so please consult with Doctor or Vaidya before taking its dose.

4, Ginkgo Biloba Herbs.  


It is the plant which found in China, Japan and the place near to it. Since ancient time its play an important role in the medical field. This herb is easily found in market in the form of capsule, powder and tea. It makes the proper circulation of the blood in vanes surrounded to eyes and also prevents threatening diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. In a research it is also found that it is very beneficial for the patients of retinopathy.

It is the herb which is also gives relieve from anxiety and increases the power of memory even the disease like dementia is also cure by it.

Precaution: Do not give this herb to small children and the patients of diabetes can consult to doctor before taking it.

5, Sunning and Palming.

Sunning and Palming is also very beneficial for good eyesight. It makes the Lenses and Ciliary muscles of eyes strong and flexible. Sun is the full of energy and its natural healing power can be taken by us through sunning and palming gives relax and activates the sense of the body.


Sunning: Early morning when sun is rises with its red color, sit in front of it with closing your eyes and feel the rays of the sun that coming to your eyes. Do this daily for 5 minutes.

Note: Do it in early morning when sun is in red color and its rays are not irritating your eyes.

Palming: Rub your palms with each other and then gently put it on your close eyes and feel the heat of your palm on both of your eyes. In this process you should remember that your eyes are fully covered with your palm. Doing it regularly after sunning it will greatly help you to increase your eyesight.

6, Almond.


Almond is the rich source of vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidants which are very beneficial for eyes.

How to add in a diet?

Put 5-10 almonds in a cup of water every night and in the morning remove its rind and take with a glass of milk. To get a good vision of eyesight 6/6 take it regularly. I am sure soon you were going to get results according to your expectations.

7, Fennel.


According to the ancient Romans the fennel is one of the boon for the eyes. It’s also contains the type of nutrients and antioxidants which can reduce the occurrence of cataract.

How to eat?

Grind the fennel (सौंफ), almond (बादाम) and sugar (मिश्री) in equal quantity and mixed it. Take it daily in night before going to bed.

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