Significance of touching our Elder’s feet


The right way of Touching the Feet


At the time of bowing to our Guru, teacher, seniors and elders, we stand in front of them, facing them. The vertical body parts in that case are in the opposite direction. The left side of the Guru shall be in front of the right side of the disciple. In other words negative in front of positive. Keeping in view of this fact, our Rishis in ancient times have suggested the salute of touching feet by crossing the hands, i.e. right hand touches right foot and left hand touches left foot of our elders. Thus the positive current in both flows in an uniformed circuit and in simulate way negative flows jointly in a circuit. Thus both the currents form a well-unified circuit.

The elders to whom we salute shall be a Guru, teacher, scholar, father, mother, sister or an elderly person and shall be much advanced in knowledge, fame, life or strength. He may be a better one in all these areas or he may be better in two of them. One who bows to him shall be desirous of inculcating those qualities.


Our culture maintains this tradition of touching feet in a humble salute. The spirit nurtured in this tradition has strengthened our cultures and nation despite invasions, obstacles and calamities. The contents of the Vedas and the Smritis (scriptures) are the eternal truths. We should put it in to practice.

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