Significance of touching our Elder’s feet


The traditions and conventions found in various countries and the religions of the world hold their own importance. Such traditions reflect the originality of a particular culture or mankind. Indian civilisation and Indian culture are the most ancient in the world.

Great ascetics (Rishis) of the ancient times founded these traditions. Those Rishis have noted their attainments, research and observations in their sacred scriptures. In later time, those truths, facts and findings have become an integral part of religion and religious rituals. Perhaps, very few of us know about those hidden secrets garbed under the cloak of tradition or convention.

Let us now know the importance of Charan Sparsha…

Salute to our Father, Mother, Teacher and honorable Seniors:


In Aryan culture there is a well-set tradition of touching the feet of our father, mother, guru, teacher, elders and honorable seniors. That is the way of saluting them. It is part of our conventional etiquette.

Lowering down our Ego


When we bend down and touch the feet of our elders, our ego is also automatically subdued and we indicate that we respect their age, wisdom, achievements and experience. Being pleased of our humility, they in turn bless us.

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