Benefits of Cow Urine (गौ मूत्र): From Ancient Ayurveda Texts


Renowned Ayurveda author Vagbhata who wrote extremely amazing book on Ayurveda Ashtanga Hridaya 3500 years ago, states that all the miraculous things God has given to the mankind Cow is one of them. In his book Ashtanga Hridaya he describes miraculous benefits of Cow Urine also.

Depiction of Gau mata in Hinduism ancient texts. It shows that various Gods live on various body parts of Holy Cow.

Composition of Cow Urine (गौ मूत्र) – What’s there in cow urine

1. Maximum amount is water.

2. Calcium

3. Sulphur

4. Iron

5. Silicon

6. Boron

7. Magnesium

8. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E

9. Lactose sugar

10. Enzymes

11. Hippuric Acid

12. Creatinine

13. Swama Kshar

14. Manganese

15. Potassium

16. Copper

17. Nitrogen

18. Gold Salts

19. Phosphate


Benefits of Cow Urine: Cures 48 diseases completely.

Medical Council of India and All India Institute of Medical Science have tested the cow urine and found out that it treats 48 diseases completely.  More researches are going on and especially in treating cancer.

1. Drinking cow urine daily balances, Vata Pit cough in the body (Vata (airy element), Pitt(fiery element) and Cough (watery element)). In Ayurveda it is believed that if any of these 3 elements is not balanced in the body it causes diseases.

2. Applying cow urine (gau mutra) on the body and drinking it daily cures any type of skin disorders.

3. Cures any type of joint pain in the body, like knee pain, shoulder pain etc.

4. Treats all type of breathing diseases like cough, cold, asthma and even Tuberculosis (for tuberculosis patients drink fresh cow urine every morning it will take 3 months to cure TB)

5. Cancer is caused because of deficiency of curcumin (type of chemical). Main reason for cancer and death is deficiency of curcumin in the body, this has been proved scientifically by the doctors. Now this curcumin is present in cow’s urine in abundance. The curcumin present in the cow’s urine is also in digestable form, ie. It starts its work very soon after drinking.

6. Put 2 drops of cow urine in eyes before sleeping regularly for 4 months and it will remove all the diseases like cataract, retinal displacement etc.

7. Putting few drops of cow urine in both ears cures any disease or defect in the ears.

8. Applying cow urine on your scalp helps in treating hair loss and dandruff and other infections of scalp.

9. Apply on your skin for a glowing skin and on feet for cracked skin, apply on the cracked feet skin and leave it overnight.

Some of the Diseases which are easily cured by cow Urine:

1. Tuberculosis

2. Bronchitis

3. Diabetes

4. Arthritis

5. Osteoarthritis

6. Rheumatoid arthritis

7. Bronchial pneumonia

8. Eczema

9. Psoriasis

10. Scabies

11. Very effective for Normal Vaginal childbirth Delivery ( click to know more)

12. Retinal detachment

13. Glaucoma

14. Cataract (click to Know more)

Choosing right cow for urine:

Vagbhata explains that the cow which is active and walks freely is the best cow and we should drink urine of that cow. Cow like Jersey, Holstein are lazy cows and they sit at one place only and don’t walk, cow urine of this type of cows is not useful.

In short Pure Indian breed cows are the best cows for milk and also for cow urine. If you find difficulty in judging pure Indian breed cows click here.

Urine of Indian breed cow is pure and safe to drink even if the cow is roaming here and there and eats garbage also, the main phenomena while choosing correct cow is that it should be pure Indian breed and that’s all.

How and when to drink cow’s urine:

1.     Quantity

For people suffering from any diseases – 100 ml (in one go or half in two times)

For people who are healthy and want to take cow urine – 50 ml (in one shot)

2.     Time – On an empty stomach (morning or evening)

Drinking fresh cow urine is considered very beneficial. Cow urine can be stored in glass bottles for a long time, but store in glass bottles for about 15 days then bring fresh urine.

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