What do 10 heads of Ravana Symbolize


The Mind



Ravan was the emperor of Three Worlds, with his almightiness and intelligence combined. Ravan had not only conquered a big land with a lot of humans but also celestials and other demons that made him the almighty of asuras.


Buddhi: Intellect


10-interesting-facts-about-ravan-that-will-make-you-see-him-in-a-whole-different-light5Ravana was a great Vedic scholar led him to be regarded as a Brahmin, both by birth and by choice of pursuit of vedic knowledge. Ravana was a Sanskrit scholar of very high order and some of the classics authored by Ravana include: Yuddisha Tantra, Prakrutha Kamadenu, Shivathandava Sthotra. He was a proficient Ayurvedic Physician. His subjects loved him for his fair and good administration.


 Chitta: Will



The Great King Mahabali once advised Ravana to shun all nine emotions except INTELLECT to which Ravana  justifies that the possession of all 10 facets are equally important and make him complete man.

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