What do 10 heads of Ravana Symbolize


The 10 Heads of Ravana interprets the emotions or the senses in Humans.



Why-Ravana-had -10-(Ten)-Heads
Ravana Kidnaping Mata Sita

Hindu traditions emphasize on the importance of controlling one’s senses and projecting just the intellect one, which is considered to be supreme over others.

But Ravana abducted the wife of another person which led to his destruction.




ravan 2

When Vibhishana (the sanest of the demon brothers) tried to reason with him, he was banished from his kingdom.


 Moha: Delusion 

ravana- ashok-vatika-sita-kidnap-ramayana
ravana- ashok-vatika-sita-kidnap-ramayana


Ravana was embodiment of Moha(Delusion).

From delusion arises all other evil tendencies in the mind like Lust, passion, Anger hatred, jealousy.

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