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In many different ways, the city of Dubai is like an oasis in the great Middle Eastern desert. It is an ultra-modern, fully air-conditioned city that is artificial for most of its parts. Yet, the city’s true beauty, beyond its identity as a high ranking tourist destination, can only be realized with time. In other words, you have to stay in Dubai, at least for a few days, to actually know Dubai. After spending some time in the city, you start learning all the amazing and interesting facts which make Dubai a splendid place. One of the most amazing facts to consider is that Dubai was a desert even 50 years ago.

In recent times, Dubai has emerged as the cultural, commercial and tourist hub of the Middle East. The sparkling modernity of Dubai is indeed breath-taking and is something that attracts people from all over the world.

The city is adorned with luxurious shopping centers, modern architecture, and an active nightlife. Dubai’s economy is driven by tourism and real estate and, as we know, the city houses the world’s tallest building.

So, now that we have spent some time knowing the city from the outside, let us dive somewhat deeper. Let’s embark on a journey through some of the astonishing, interesting, and fun facts about Dubai.

10 Interesting Facts of Dubai

1. You can cover the Mona Lisa 46,265 times with the gold from Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab, aka the Burj Khalifa, is much more than being world’s tallest skyscraper. Height is only one of the splendors of this marvelous, state-of-the-art piece of architecture. You realize its full glory only when you witness the hotel from the inside. Herein, you discover another amazing fact about the pristine hotel.

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In the interiors of the Burj Khalifa, there is an area of 1,790 square meters covered with 24-karat gold leaves. That much gold should be more than enough to cover Da Vinci’s masterpiece 46,265 times or more.

2. Twenty-four percent of all cranes in the world are present in Dubai

Cranes are a major driving force for any city that is striving to grow fast. Presently, Dubai is probably the fastest growing city on Earth. So, with all the constructions running in full steam, Dubai has to depend a lot on its cranes.

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One of the most interesting facts about Dubai is that it has one out of every four cranes in the world. Unarguably, Dubai’s lightning fast development would not have been possible without these cranes and the number is only rising.

3. Sand from the Palm Islands can fill the Empire State Buildings more than twice

Apart from the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands is another marvelous example of architecture in Dubai. It is the first and the only man-made island of its scale

In order to construct these artificial islands, architects used 97 million cubic meters of sand. On the other hand, you’ll only need 37 million cubic meters of sand to fill the Empire State Buildings. That being said, I’ll leave the maths to you.


4. Cost of a police car in Dubai is more than the cost of college education in the USA

Tourism is one of the primary sources on income in Dubai and, thus, they do everything to impress tourists. Such is the obsession with the city’s image that even the police force has an ostentatious part to play.

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The personnel of the Dubai police does not patrol the city in normal police cars. Instead, they use supercars which cost in millions. The most commonly used models are the Ferrari FF ($500,000), Lamborghini Aventador ($397,000) and Aston Martin One-77 ($1.79 million).

Consider alongside that a four-year course in New York University costs around $248,000.

5. About 85% of the people in Dubai are foreigners

Out of the entire population of Dubai, only around 15% are native to the Emirates. The remaining 85% is constituted of foreigners who come visit and reside in the city for a variety of purposes.

A majority of the workers in Dubai’s construction industry are immigrants from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In all, they add up to about half of Dubai’s population.

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Although there is a splendid luster to the city, there is also gruesome darkness beneath the shine. Despite being the majority, the immigrants are subjected to poor living conditions. On the other hand, the indigenous Emirati royal class enjoys all the pleasures of a lush life.

6. Robots to the rescue of children in camel races

One of the most popular sports in Dubai is camel racing. However, there’s a negative side to it as only children can participate in this sport. Owing to the high stakes, the camel races have inspired trafficking of children into the city.

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Succumbing to international pressure, Dubai had to ban the employment of children in these games. Yet, the game never stopped as Dubai invented robots, costing around $300 to $10,000, which replaced the children.


7. Dubai will have a shopping mall that’s larger than Monaco

As it seems, Dubai just cannot get over the urge to build spellbinding pieces of architecture for the world to see. Presently, Dubai has plans to construct a city in which the climate would be fully controllable.

This upcoming, air-conditioned shopping mall will have an area of 4.45 km2. In fact, it will be bigger than Monaco which is only 2.02 km2 in area.

8. Dubai introduced postal address and a postal system only in 2015

Prior to 2015, you either had to draw a map or write out directions if you wanted to tell somebody where you lived. Until then there was no concept of a postal address or pin codes in Dubai. Consequently, it did not have any postal system as well. All of these were introduced only in 2015.

9. There are no income-tax payers in Dubai

No, this is not because they are all defaulters, but because there isn’t any income tax in Dubai. Amazing and interesting facts about Dubai like these, draw thousands of workers from around the world to Dubai.

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Whenever someone is tempted to work in Dubai, the facts remain that they earn substantially and also save a lot. However, it is also true that there are many ways in which one could spend all their money in Dubai.

10. Dubai’s love for gold

The last, but not the least, of the most interesting facts about Dubai is their love for gold. ATMs in Dubai give out gold bars and, in 2013, Dubai accounted for 40% of global, physical transactions in gold.

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So, have these 10 weird, crazy, and Interesting Facts about Dubai have inspired you to pack your bags and plan a trip to Dubai?