10 Amazing Facts On Ghosts



Ghost or astrologers?

Experts on ghosts believed that the ghost can read your mind and, they can look your future. They even try to communicate through our dreams. So next time if you see anything related to your future, don’t forgive to thank your invisible friend.


Animals and kids can see ghosts

Mostly it is believed that only cats and small kids can see ghosts. The reason behind this, they can’t talk or express what they see, also they draw more attention of ghosts. So, if your child has a secret friend in your home then believe them they are not lying.



Some ghosts stay in state of dilemma that they are not dead and stuck in dream or just living a dream.


Mobile phones to the rescue

Strong electric signals and noises disturb ghost presence. It’s like if you don’t find any cross or spiritual thread around you, just try with your cell phone. So next time if your parents shout on you for being on phone, just let them know it keeps you safe from ghost.

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