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15 Amazing Unknown facts of Lord Krishna

lord krishna facts
Facts About Lord Krishna If you have not heard about one of the most significant deities of one of the world's largest organized religions, Lord Krishna, you must be living under a rock. Lord Krishna is one of the prominent Hindu Gods and is considering by millions in India and all over the world. Several religious organizations are caring to...

10 Lesser-Known Facts About Draupadi

Facts About Draupadi
Secrets Facts About Draupadi Mahabharata is the most famous epics of Hindu mythology. There is not a single person who didn't even listen to this name. Almost every kid has heard this as their bedtime stories. According to us, Mahabharata is a narrative of the Kurukshetra war between Kaurav and Pandava. Well, there are many things in this scripture that...

10 Unbelievable Teachings Of Garuda Purana

Garuda Purana
The Garuda Purana is one of the spiritual mahapurana out of 18 mahapurana present in Hinduism culture. In this Purana, most of the description is about Vaishnavism literature. It is based on Hindu God Vishnu and many more valuable things that we do not know before.  Along with that, this Purana teaches many great facts about life and death as well. All...

How to Lose Belly Fat with Ayurveda? – Tips To Lose Belly FAT

Lose Belly Fat
Is there any Ayurveda remedies to lose belly fat ? As today's world is completely driven by the internet and technology, there are vast factors like replacement of machines to reduce regular works, lack of exercise from people,  stress, pressure, fast food habits etc. these become some reason to gain weight and belly fat. When a person gains more weight,...

10 Fun Facts about Thailand – Crazy Facts

Traveling is a fun and pleasure giving activity for most of the people. But the entire pleasure of the trip is based upon the place that you choose to visit. It is better to make more research about the place and find the things to do in the place before you reach there. Here are some fun facts and the things that you...

Best Anti-Aging Natural Remedies – BEAUTY TIPS FOR FACE

Beauty Tips For Face
The word “Aging” could send even the happiest person into deep thinking. It is the sea of insecurity which basically revolves around their fear of looking old. Here we are with a tutorial that has all the information on Anti-aging, as to what it exactly is and how it comes into effect and what all are the measures that...

Foods To Avoid – 10 Eating Mistakes that are making you put on Kilos

Foods To Avoid
Are you just starting a new diet? If so, it is very essential to know about the diet mistakes which you should avoid that will help you to lose your weight. Some eating mistakes are gain weight instead of losing. Some foods you eat can have a major effect on your weight. So those worst foods to avoid that...

Top 10 Vastu Tips for Successful Business – Vastu For Office

vastu for office
Vastu is important for a business in order to have a good profit. So, make an outlook at different important factors. Moreover, here are some vastu for office that help you to have the high growth in the business. The term Vastu Shastra is defined as the science that generally deals about the construction and architecture. The Atharvaveda lays...

Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga – Story Behind Ghrishneshwar Temple

Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple Story
In the Hindu culture, there are a lot of temples in various places and every temple has certain stories behind. It is also believed that long years ago they lived in the world and some strange things happened. Some also have scientific reasons and some are still a big question that can’t even be revealed by today’s science. Here are...


PCOS- an acronym for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This condition in a woman leads to an increase in androgen(male hormones). As a result, the normal functioning of the body is affected as well as the appearance. In intense cases, PCOS can prevent a woman from conceiving. The following symptoms will be observed by a woman suffering from PCOS- Cysts formed on the...



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